About Me

Living in Lisbon, Portugal, I have a great life. I am married to the woman I love, I am the father of a beautiful boy, and I get to pursue my passions and interests every single day. Since 2005, I have worked in IT, racking up a wealth of professional experience.

When I first got into software engineering, I focused on the ways that I could build my knowledge in programming languages and methodologies. Since then, I have become a master in a variety of areas, becoming a Scrum master and a Project Manager, and today working as a Software Engineer.

I left my salaried job in December 2019 in order to pursue freelance / remote work and return to my technical roots, shifting away from the management only-role I had taken on. Although the shift was challenging for me, I knew that remote work was what I wanted to do. Giving up the security and certainty of my old position seemed to make sense when I reflected on how much more time I would get to spend with my family, whom I cherish more than anything else.

As a professional, I keep a positive attitude at all times. I lead my team by example, exerting soft influence and putting communication at the center of every project. Quick to learn and adapt, I thrive in new environments. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, traveling, and continuing to grow my skill set.